On The Hunt: Keboola

Keboola are looking for a Data Engineer / Data Analyst with a colourful skill set and the potential to earn anywhere between £35–£80K. We were intrigued and had to find out more.

Hi Keboola! We’re super interested in what you do, can you give us the elevator pitch ?
Keboola provides a cloud-based data engineering & management platform that helps clients combine, enhance and publish crucial information for their data products and / or internal analytics projects in quick and easy fashion.

And can you translate that into non-tech language and give us an example of how your users use Keboola?
One company, several departments, various proprietary systems that use and store data [e.g. finance, marketing, sales…]. Keboola helps you effortlessly combine data from all those systems together, easily manipulate it [clean, deduplicate etc.], run advanced analytics on top of it [in programming language of choice] and enrich it via customisable data science applications. You then export your data into data consumption system of choice [e.g. database, business intelligence tool etc. ] and automate the whole process.

I’d love to hear more about the team — how big are you, what’s the company culture like?
There’s currently eight of us [with ninth person on the horizon!] and we’re of five nationalities. We love diversity and uniqueness. Each of us brings a fair bit of his / her own personality into what we do. We believe people perform best when they don’t have to wear any masks and simply be themselves. We’re animal friendly BTW!

And you’re looking for an all rounder Analyst whizz-kid to join the team :) Other than the skills laid out in the job speck what are you looking for in a potential candidate.
What a description, I know! A unique personality, independence yet team player mindset, passion for continuous development and sense for responsibility. We like having fun while we work so it would be a major plus if that’s your thing as well.

You’ve set a very wide salary range dependent on experience, if you get someone at the less experienced end of the range what have you got in place to train them into a £80K super star?
The great thing about being part of the Keboola team is that you’re truly your own boss only. There’s plenty of knowledge among the team that can be sourced, as well an almost infinite pool of information available as part of internal documentation. We’re always happy to help you when needed, the prerequisite for utilising such help is that you’ll try to learn it on your own first. That’s how you grow the most and develop your skills most efficiently. We know as we’ve been through it ourselves :)

What does the future look like for Keboola?
Data is everywhere and its volume increases exponentially. Each and every company, regardless if big or small, should try to disrupt itself before their competitors do so, without them even noticing. Digital transformation encompasses profound organisational and structural changes within companies and predetermines their future business success. We enable them to achieve exactly that.
So yes, I’d say it’s bright. And data-driven :)
What if someone’s current experience doesn’t match the skillset you look for?

We’re always on the lookout for new talent! Pop us a message and tell us why we shouldn’t miss a coffee together… Then let’s go grab it :)


Check out Kaboola’s role on here!